must have: non violent communication

hey guuuuys!

so, i came here some days ago talking about micro-politics. after that, i am “micro- policing” all the time (yes, maybe i am a bit obsessive compulsive), and i got some impressions about it.

after two social meetings, where we discussed about lots of world issues, i ve seen a lot of violent communication going on. a really clever and noble friend interrupted us and showed how immediatist we were trying in any how to prove our point. viewpoints do not change from one day to the other. ir takes time and a lot of comfortable conversation!

when we are violent, we are not “losing” the discussion, we are losing LISTENERS!

when we are violent, we are not “losing” the discussion (actually, most of the time it is really efective), we are losing LISTENERS! and losing their contributions. i know, any king of discussion will make ME a better person, but what about all the others? am i the only one who should be benefiting from this conversation? isn’t it a bit selfish?

and so what??? just like the pragmatic capricornian person i am, i brought u links to practice! pay attention, listen, take your time. winning sometimes is losing….

love, b ❤