why, when n how fashion can be politics…

hey, guess who is back ? :P hellowww, fellows… moooorning ❤

I am a clever (and no modesty in this subject) girl. Annnd I have a strange “need” (confession): I want people to know it. Because of that I talk a lot, I like to be in front of presentations, and maybe thats why I am writing here and I dream to be a youtubber... But I am reading a negotiation book, where the author talks a lot about being quiet, observing, creating empathy, and establishing non verbal communication.

Yesterday I went for a presentation a friend of mine was organising. The speaker was young guy from U.S., who works with tech and social innovation. Then I thought, its time to bring theory into real life!

So I wore my “Rihanna wears Hillary T-shirt”. Because I wanted to make a good impression and I knew that, if I had the right audience, I would noticed.

and, sh-bam! not only 1 word, the guy came to me and said. “i love your shirt. this is a great shirt”. great work!!! ;P

but what was behind that? fashion? aesthetic? no. there was an opinion, a position, a message. and this is the power of an image — lot of discourses that can be perceived at once. SO… if you think yourself as an “porte-affiche”, not because you are wearing a photo or a sentence, but because <YOU ARE THE PHOTO>what is the message you want people to receive?

maybe you are thinking, “oh, this so narcissistic…” “shallow”. No, it is not. It is politics. I is to be aware of our power of our body / image / appearance to expose our inside.

but no worries, you can change “the message” as much you change your clothes.

see you! hopefully see you soon(?) peace ❤