Why the Original Ending to Pretty In Pink Didn’t Work
Michelle DeWitt

I’ve always been partial toward Andie and Blane, despite my obvious affection and attraction to Duckie. The reason for my contention is due to this ridiculous idea of the “friend zone.” Andie had never expressed any interest in Duckie that wasn’t platonic in nature, so their unrequited love would have been unrealistic. Any sympathetic feelings I might have had for him during the scene in Iona’s record store was completely eroded the moment he basically believed Andie should ignore her own feelings and go out with him, almost as if he was entitled to her because of what HE wanted. When he put her before himself and accepted her choices in the end, THAT was how you knew he loved her. When you can sacrifice your broken heart to someone you’d want to see happy, even if it wasn’t with you, you’re an okay guy (or gal) in my book. Had she wound up with him, it would have been a movie that ignored what Andie wanted and that is pure sexism. Who you wind up with should be YOUR choice, not someone else’s.

Side note: I would have chosen Duckie. Molly may not have been attracted to him, but I thought he was super adorable and one of the greatest characters to ever grace TV or film. Also, say what you will about Steph, but James Spader was the hottest guy in this movie. Even though he was a cock knocker, I still would have tapped that ass. xD