Is what clearly remember being said over a few years. I got it then, and get it now, along with the children that..sorry “liberals” that sit and snicker at any chance they get per the of fired toward my name. Something that needs to be completely understood….I don’t do malicious things, or incorporate others. I’m beginning to feel some type of way especially since its a team of people that nothing about me or as too even why certain things being said are coming through the medium as they are. OK this is..(MENTAL RANT goes here)…. Sometimes things go to far. Ive never acted a fool in public, I’ve always had held what I had down, never asked for expected anything, except 1 one answer that I still can’t get, face to face which is know to be brushed off. (another Mental Rant) So what my point is, people want to place others as basically nothings when apparently the have had some sort of impact on a life. The factor of respect, and the fact that things nobody needed to know are blasted is beyond me. This is what you do to people who you don’t respect. So really what should my stance be, sit and continue on, or raise hell, like I’ve been portrayed too do? I’m not in playing this no more. I’m not grown woman. I’m not the one killing America

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