NUNES on Russia contacts: “There’s nothing there.”
Sean Neville

Can I be honest….I believe that Trumps people are keeping the blame towards Russian leader Putin very basic for 2 reason. First , very obviously they are waiting for an a encounter to publicly slander, humiliate, defile anything that may even possibly pose a threat. I believe the Trump administrations has years of records that are able to hold Putin liable for crimes. Secondly, I also believe that “US” is very aware that Putin is by far no stranger to the devious ways of sneaking documents, information smuggling, that Trump will have his petty staff do, or do himself. If any one in Trumps camp was to think Putin didn’t have his own arsenal to fire back, and actually wound, with documentation, as well as “official legal” documentation that can stand in a court of law, that’s too bad.

The thing is, Russians have learned to watch all and everything. I suppose the people whom need to be questioned about the “possible interactions” are being ignored. I have a theory on each and every thing when it comes to most of the shenanigans of Trump. May give insight to some. I have a Russian friends…lol.

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