I never in my wildest days ever thought I could silence a room, unless I arguing, complaining, fighting, or being my, as some would classify over-bearing, selfish, loud cry baby, shit talking ass. I’m already 5’10, thinner build from a few years back, outside of that. I’m the youngest out of 5 children, sexual assault survivor, high school grad, and a paternal and maternal family that were well off. I’m not any different than most here on medium. I’m am a FREAK NASTY. I always knew, but never met “That Chic” until she was introduce. I can and must say that she was liberating. But not everyone knew what she was about. That was by choice of my own. Not because I was a “submissive, obedient, nasty bitch” to My Love.


After feeling the liberation in not everything only being adult, an understanding life, I couldn’t imagine what anyone battling sexuality, in fear of negative reactions, was able to live freely. So with that being said, I’m not sure how it has been so unexpected of a myself to be misunderstood too so many that I love, and love to be themselves around me. ACA act comes with some things to be discussed, but everything can be discussed (praying for peace is possible). So ACA Act, isn’t a problem for me and those I’ve come to care about. I love to who I love unveiled conditionally, even when its bad, and it hurts, and I’m all cried out with no soul and left, I wish a MF would speak foul on any of you. So I hope the lines that lift me to cloud in that good ole' Sky are being clearly read through. In true Jodeci fashion ‘come and talk to me” is easier than dealing with the HEAD STRONG LION.

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