Just words…..

Family, Trust, Love, Truth, Loyalty, Understanding, Tolerance, and HATE!

These are words that have harmed more than half of the nation during election, and even after. I was happy too see that as I read some good articles today on “Medium”. It brought some sort of realization that there are people who care about social injustice. What amazes me is there are still a lot of people who feel bad for so many “ foreign countries” and apparently some American states that have been bombarded with the lingering effect of those 8 words. I mean, they are just words, but words are powerful. Which is why so many have the issues they do have with Trump and his policies. There is more fake news, false advertisement, hearsay in the world, I have no trust for anything. Not say that can’t change, but there must be a reason. Something to believe in, outside of myself. I say this because those are just a few of the words that made realize, I have none of those in my life anymore. Today I may have kinda felt some sort of unity, but I can’t really believe that. The past 3 years the media reports daily have given insight to me differently. People fight for what they believe in. I now only fight for my dog. Those powerful words are what created the disrespectful atmosphere, and climate change within my world. And as I was told “NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU”, it was definitely life fracturing to come to the realization that everything a person believes in, goes to war for, cares about and loves proves that, with no remorse. It made me angry, it hurt me, it (amongst other things), changed every aspect of who I am. A woman, daughter, MOTHER….and so much more, but those are memory’s. My question for the past year has been, how can I regain all of those things back? Its going to take a lot. What I don’t think can be replaced is my relationship with my daughter. Not how it once was. I don’t like too are her cry, I never tried to hurt her feelings, I will ALWAYS BE IN HER CORNER. The current events with the elections, so much different information on pop culture, music, new art exhibits, restaurants etc, not mention the fact that poor internet service also helped create a divide with certain communications. I realized I was shut out. I was OK with that for a minute. Watching how the election created so many new avenues for people to learn new things and stand up for them and be a part of was impressive. My kids had lots too say. I see in hindsight they feel I didn’t support them. I would have marched with them, and the ladies, the LGBTQ, immigrants, and almost anything else I believed was a good cause. A week before the election day, with no communication, how can someone understand what’s needed? Today for the first time, Medium actually was more enlightening than upsetting. Apparently there are people who care about things. I’m not worried about a lot of things that are not of my concern. But those 8 words mean more too me than I could have imagined. I’m not complete without them. To know me is too understand me. I’m so much more than what people know or have made me too be. And for the record I’m never a HATER. I’m a truth teller indeed. I kinda like who I’ve become, because if I’m true too me, I can only be true too others. I’ve learn too listen more, talk less. I just want too be happy again, and try to teach those who may not understand more insight, as well as learn more for myself. Thank you medium for making me smile a little today I appreciate it.

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