If you point to rapists or murderers and ask if I value their lives, I will point to children abused in foster care and ask if you value theirs. When value is put on all human life, when we start at the basic level of recognizing that we are all people, the societal values imperative to peaceful coexistence become second nature
If Equality is Not the Goal, the Goal is Supremacy
Mike Epifani

That point is very relevant. I recall a time when I needed someone to let me know that I was going to make it through the passing of my grandmother. I knew I would make it, but its just comforting to know that it was available. Well I guess the days that passed by, the extremely hard days never effected the people in my direct surroundings. Oh except that one person who just needed just to come in because they were locked out. And of course my he grieving meant nothing. I got tormented by whatever “secret games” the thought went unnoticed. Life throws things at you, I’ve been able to catch them and deal with them at times accordingly, others not so accordingly. When a person can stand and look you in your face and let you know that they were wrong, that’s growth. Which overtime I’ve learned. When people harbor their wrongful ways and doings, then take it out in public places such as the internet to shame or belittle the next person, shows they placed upon everyone involved. I wish that talk could happen, but the other parties aren’t concerned about the well being of interested in showing any type of recourse for all the instability that was issued by track runners. Its fine apparently thy won the Olympics last summer, while my “mental health” was being shared with the rest of there online community. What do you think??

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