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Gardeners, cooks and flower enthusiasts, we need to embrace the beauty of flowers in our cooking! A lot of people ‘fear the flower’ within their meals, perhaps because it’s synonymous with being outside rather than in our bellies, but there are a host of edible flowers that you can use within any meal, and they’re equally delicious — Hibiscus is known to have cranberry flavours, Roses are great in desserts and Lilac can even provide a lemony taste! Salads, Mains, and of course (our favourite), sweet treats and desserts, flowers can go in any! We’ve complied a few of our best loved recipes to tantalise your flowering tastebuds.


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Once you’ve put flowers in one salad, all ‘normal’ salads will look bare. The vibrant colours completely change the look of a plane dish into something enticing — as well as adding a new dimension of flavour. Some of our favourites are Martha Stewart’s simple Green Salad with Edible Flowers, and (for the more adventurous flower eater) Adventure in Cooking’s Rhubarb Spring Salad with Pansies & Feta. This is a great starting point for tasting flowers to see what suits your palate — before moving onto flowers in your main meals (yeah — really!)

Mains Dishes

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We promise these taste good, although, it’s understandable that you may be hesitant to try these at first, but look at the mouthwatering pictures — food is beautiful enough, but the addition of a few petals, and you’re basically creating food art. Some great ways to implement flowers into your mains are featured above, including a Flower Pizza, Heirloom Gazpacho with Edible Flowers and the mouthwatering Hibiscus Flower Enchiladas. Give them a try if you’re feeling adventurous.

Desserts and Sweet Treats

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Mmmmmmm, we love our weekend (and occasionally/often weekday) treats. We’ve found some amazing examples of using flowers within your desserts, and if you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll love them. The featured image above is a Rosy Rocky Road, made with rose water and topped with roses — a great Valentines treat… *hint hint*. You could also try simple Elderflower Lollipops, or gorgeous Lavender Cupcakes with Candied Primroses. The experienced baker could even try the rose and dark chocolate macaroons, but we’ll leave that to the professionals.

If you love flowers, and you love food, then make 2015 the year you mix the two, and add flowers into your kitchen.

Recipes and further images can be found via our Pinterest here: http://www.pinterest.com/why_not_flowers/edible-flowers/

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