5 step guide to code and create life

It’s Future Friday here on Wh+y and time for a post about the new technology out there. So, I made a little five step guide for you if you wanna create life.

Coding DNA is the fastest growing technology that ever existed. It’s a little bit like Christmas every day when you find out what has happened since yesterday. About now it is becoming possible to code and print your own life. Here’s how you can do:

1: Learn to code DNA. It’s just 4 digits, A, C, G, and T. There are 8 year old kids who are learning to do it so you can too (1). You could do it online for free through Coursera for example. They have courses like “Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression” and “Introduction to Genomic Technologies”. It’s fun. Try it out.

2: Go to one of the databases in the world of bacteria genomes and download a genome of a bacteria. You could take Ensembl for example. Here you can choose between 30.000 bacterial genomes. If you’re hard core you can also just download your own genome through 23andMe.

3: Open it up in the program called Benchling which is a free browser-based software that makes you able to edit the genome that you have downloaded. Start editing the code in whatever way you want. I don’t know — change the eye colour or make hair glow.

4: Send it by email to the 3D-printing US-based company Gen9, that will then print it and send it to you in a petri dish.

5: You can now see what you have created and test it however you want. There are as far as I know no laws preventing you from doing this.

Enjoy your new power. But please use it wisely.

And please let me know what you think. You can leave a comment below.