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I recently started working on my personal website ( After spending quite some time on it, I was almost done. The only issue I had was, how will people contact me if they are interested in getting in touch. Yes, I have linked to my facebook, linkedIn, github profiles on my website, but I email is still the easiest way of contacting someone.

I was about to simply put my email on my website, but then I remembered the spams that one of my older personal mail IDs get, even with sophisticated spam filters that google and microsoft have in place. I did not want that happening to my brand new syracuse university mail ID (I started my MS in Computer Science from Fall 2018 at SU). So, then I thought maybe I should write something like mymail(at) or mymail(at)syr(dot)edu, etc. …

Debopriyo Bhattacharya

Trying get everything organized. My opinions may change from time to time.

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