This looks like “Democracy”!

This is an excerpt from a feature-length documentary by Weijun Chen about how third graders in a school in China are introduced to the concepts of Democracy and Election! After the students learn the basic tenets of democracy, a campaign for the position of class monitor start. They showcase their skills, find flaws in their opponents, bribe their classmates with gifts — all the promises, back-room deals and dirty tricks we see in actual elections comes so naturally to them. Its a treat to watch all this unfold.

The three contenders were the position of class monitor:

Lou Lei — Two time class monitor, but has a habit of beating his classmates. His father gives him support and he gives his classmates gifts before the election and even takes them out on a trip.
Chen Chen — This kid is a genius! The way he lobbies with his friends and tries to garner support is just exceptional for a kid so young. 
Xiaofan — The only girl contending for the position, she very talented and soon realizes being emotional doesn’t mean you’re a weak class monitor.

“But people are dumb!”

The final result of the election wasn’t surprising at all. I guess humans by nature concentrate only on what’s right in front of them, rather than think about the future.

It kinda shows why time and again we never learn from the mistakes we made.