Why Trump Won? Criminal vs Businessman

Let’s see the voting results from the last 3 US Presidential elections first.

United States presidential election, 2008

United States presidential election, 2012

United States presidential election, 2016

Notice how much each candidate got in each election.
Then you will see that the overall voter turn out was least this time for both candidates compared to last two elections… and last I check the population was on the rise…

Now some things that were projected by the mainstream media was that Hillary would get a large % of the Latino votes, the African-American votes, the female votes, the independent votes and even the millennial.

But the results of the election show something different altogether.

Did the not that huge chunk of African-American votes like Obama, she did not get the land slide support of the Latino votes, she did not get a landslide support from the female voters, more independents voted for Trump than Hillary, and even though more millennials voted for Hillary than Trump, the turnout of millennial voters was around 19% which was 52% in 2012 for Obama.

Now lets break down why Hillary did not get these votes as everyone in the Republican Establishment and the pundits in mainstream media was expecting.

Even though Trump had time and again called deportation of illegal immigrants, called Mexicans rapists and promised to build “The Wall” along the US and Mexico borders, Hillary did not get the Latino votes as expected. One possible reason can be that during the Obama presidency almost 2.5 million Latinos have been deported from the US. Considering many of them had friends and relatives, surely a huge chunk was pissed off with the Obama administration. And since Hillary’s run for the Presidency has often been termed as Obama 2.0, this went against her.

During the last few years there have been multiple cases of police brutality, specially against African-American and other minorities. 
#BlackLivesMatter became a movement while there was an African American president in the white house. 
When presented with an option to choose the lesser of two evils, many chose to stay back home. Hence the lower turn out of African American votes went against Hillary.

Trump was a populist candidate of the right and far-right voters. But many independents and disillusioned democrats also voted for him. 
Bernie Sanders had started a grass root movement that hasn’t been seen on American soil in decades. But the Democratic establishment chose to present an Establishment candidate and pandered to their high profile donors and not the majority people whose votes they needed to win the election in the first place. When people learnt that the DNC had leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton and had conspired to make sure Bernie doesn’t win the Primary, many democrats and the huge chunk of millennials who were all Bernie supporters lost faith in the Democratic party.

For majority of the people who would did not go out to vote, Hillary was a symbol of the rich elitist establishment of Washington, comprising of donors and lobbyists. She wasn’t someone people could relate to. Her fake smiles and teleprompter speeches could be seen through. Where as Trump, even though how terrible and racist his speeches were, he seemed more authentic and genuine. In the end Trump was an option that people saw as the lesser of two evils.

Furthermore Hillary came with a lot of baggage, NAFTA had resulted in a large number of working middle-class families to lose jobs. That was a bill that she had supported during her husband’s presidency. 
Also the entire email scandal and the drama that followed it. Even though no criminal charges were put against her, every time it came up, all people though of was someone they could not trust.

Yes, liberals and demoratic establishment can pass on the blame to third party candidates for wanting to be a part of the electoral process, the voters for not showing up to vote in large numbers, the entire electoral collage system, the constitution,etc. But in the end the only people they have to blame is themselves.. They presented the voters with a very bad option.

Lastly, this is something a friend of mine who lives in US and didn’t go to vote say…

I guess the last line sums up the voters’ mindset this election. :)