How Amazon will lose

The retail business that will beat Amazon is not going to be the one that figures out how to sell more stuff even cheaper. The winner will be the one where you’re already spending three or four days every week hanging out with family and friends. They’ll just happens to also be the place to grab stuff you need to buy and take home.

They’ll be a place where people can’t wait to go because going there helps them be their best selves.

This is a very different way of looking at retail.

As Seth Goden says….

All I do for a living is notice things and there’s one view of the world called the WalMart view that says that what all people want is as much stuff as possible for as cheap a price as possible.
And if you look at the world through that lens; and there are plenty of people who do, you can come up with a strategy to achieve that.
And that’s Black Friday sales.
And that’s self-storage units.
And that’s somebody who’s happy to push you to buy stuff you don’t need because the object of the game is for them to have more stuff.
And that’s a world based on scarcity — I don’t have enough stuff. How do I get more stuff?
There’s a different view — and we see it in so many places, but it doesn’t get a lot of press. The view not based on scarcity, but based on abundance.
In an abundance economy the thing we don’t have enough of is connection.
We’re lonely and we don’t have enough time.
And if people can offer us connection and meaning and a place where we can be our best selves, yes, we will seek that out.

Imagine the retailer that does this and imagine what a difference that will make to the communities where they open.

Think about how much different this will be then what happened to communities when WalMart came to town.

Think how different this looks from the current approach brick and mortar stores are taking to compete against Amazon today.

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