Dear Internet Trolls, life would be better if you ended up in a feminine product.

I just read a post on Buzzfeed about a UCLA student who wrote an opinion article about how feminine products should not considered a luxury item, but instead an essential health product that should be provided or subsidized by the government. I for one, totally agree. If men had blood coming out of their nether regions every month, there would be a very real solution put in to place. Oh and let’s not forget that women have this happen every month so we can continue the human race and give birth to internet trolls who have seemed to forgotten where they came from. (OH AND THAT WE STILL MAKE LESS MONEY THAN MEN SO THE LEAST THIS COUNTRY COULD DO IS PAY FOR ESSENTIALS LIKE THIS.)

The young lady of course responded eloquently to asshole troll comments with another article talking about the unproductiveness of attacking her as a person. She brilliantly stated:

“When the feedback I received was attacking me as a person, my gender, my intelligence, my family, and my school, it just wasn’t productive in any sense,” she said. “There is a big difference between disagreement and disrespect.”


(long hashtags are legit if you are reallll passionate about them)

This internet troll comment in particular really made me annoyed.

“How typical of Feminists. When their ideas are bad, they hide behind being a woman, and mischaracterize any attacks on their bad ideas as attacks on women. It’s almost as if to say “I can never be wrong, because I am a woman.”

I hate fuckhead people that must have been born out of a penis hole by some miraculous event because clearly they have no female loved ones it their life.

The world would be a better place if people like this would have been an unfertilized egg that ultimately bled in to a feminine product that their mother didn’t have to pay for.

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