Feelings You Get Alone At Night

Again and again, over and over life passes by at an instance. Promises left to melt, as if one does not see the importance of honour. Don’t waste your time struggling with those trying to figure out what that is all about.

Wait till their skin thickens, so that one day the true losses, and falls on that moment that they are lost and gone, desperately trying to hold on. The miss use of faith and trust is always a source of anger and frustration. Running away from the kindest, the things that matter in life only seems like a change of heart. Sleeping away, drunk. clearing away the conscious, the back alley is just another home to the lost and heart-broken.

Living life isn’t that easy, fighting your way through the hits and lows. Playing a game that isn’t just, watching for the danger the chaos. Just as you raise the shield fighting off the fury the darkness, something sweet something beautiful is bound to stab you in the back.

We all have been hurter by love, some more painful than others. At the desperateness deep down, one would always cry out these words.

“I wish no-one else would ever go through this”

It might have been that at that moment, faith has taken over him, so much that there is nothing but love inside them. The purest form of love, but what does that change?

That god’s love so grace so pure, that one would sympathies for the world of 13 billion people to not feel the suffer from love, but yet they are in the deepest time of their life, buried under layers of pain. He who suffers wishes the best for all, isn’t that what god has been trying to tell us. Love is the blade that cuts through the heart mended by love, when you thought nothing else could matter in life. When you try your best for him to be more uplifting, to bring her more joy.

Yet love is fire, to keep others warm you need to set yourself on fire. It all comes downs to every single one of us, its heart-breaking that love is a battle that every one cries for. One might think that those who seem so perfectly in love, are pure and that nothing can hurt them.

The truth is wrong those things once said burnt into my mind are merely imprints of the past. the only things that are unsolved are the riddles of my hear, the days that I can’t breath are the ones that you stepped away. When ignorance is bliss and not knowing anything is the happiest you could ever be, stressing about too much hurts you. The selfishness inside devours you as you worry and think, making you a fool to the truth. The thinking slices away pieces of the mind, instead of the heart, making your thoughts more desperate more selfish. To make you defy the love in your heart, to stop you learning to love.