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Whites may move away from TOO MANY ASIANS, but why are so many Asians eager to flee from their homelands permanently to come live in white nations or communities?

It seems these Asians would rather with/under whites than with their own kind. They find whites more civil, more just, fairer, more attractive, and more advanced than their own kind. This is so true of Asian-Indians who prefer to emigrate to white nation that stick with their own brown homeland filled with poverty and corruption. And so many Asian Indian women lighten their skin with cream. And East Asian women have tons of plastic surgery to look white.

These Asians complain about how whites are not welcoming to their kind but they sure want to flee from their own kind. They prefer whites to their own kind.

Also, if Asians love diversity, why do they prefer moving to western nations than to non-white nations or very diverse Latin American nations? And even in the US, why do they prefer to move to white areas than black or brown areas?

Asians complain ‘whites don’t want to be with us’ but they don’t want to be with their own kind. They want to be with whites.

Also, East Asian women find their own men to be sexually inferior and prefer to have babies with and for white men.

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