Jesus and Passover

Thursday during Easter week is a big day. It is the day that Jesus celebrated His last Passover meal, He served His disciples by washing their feet. He was preparing them for the walk to come. This Passover meal, also known as the Last Supper, was full of symbolism. The unleavened bread, matzah, is placed in a 3 pocketed linen cloth. One is never used, never seen and remains unbroken. The other two chambers, one broken at the beginning of the meal and the other is eaten during the meal.

Trinity? OH yes!

1. God. Whole Remains with us and yet unseen.

2. The center. Called “Ha Ben” meaning the Son. Broken. Jesus. Only using half and represents Jesus’ Divine Nature.

3. Eaten during the meal. The Holy Spirit. Which is in us. Consuming us.

Jesus broke the center matzah, leaving half in the linen, and the other half, representing Himself passed it among the disciples. This is my body. Given for you. Do this. And remember me.

The Seder plate:

The vegetables. This item is usually parsley that has been dipped in salt water. To represent the hyssop that was used to apply the blood on the homes of the Israelites in Egypt. It was also what was used when Jesus’ was offered bitter wine on the cross.

The biter herbs. Thought to be a form of horseradish. To remind us of the bitterness of slavery. And the bitterness of sin.

Charoset. Or a compote for you cooking enthusiast this mixture of apples, nuts, wine and spices was a sweet reminder of the hope of redemption.

Roasted egg or hard boiled egg. This may seem familiar to today “Easter eggs”. The Jewish people use this as a reminder of the destruction of the temple. BUT we Christians, it is symbol of rebirth.

The Lamb. There is so much to say about this. The lamb was to be a male, about 1 year old, unblemished and perfect. Examined thoroughly. (Mark 15) You were not allowed to break it’s bones. (John 19:36) The blood applied to wooden beams.(Matthew 27:32+) Killed publicly. (Matt. 27:27+, Mark 15:16+, Luke 23: 26+, John 19:16+) Killed on Passover. The blood blocking God’s wrath. The Passover meal was to be completed ready to serve by 3 pm. Mark 15:34 When Jesus breathed His last.

Now the wine. The Passover meal involves 4 glasses of wine each representing something different.

At the Last Supper Jesus took the first cup and said the next time He would drink of it would be in the kingdom with ‘US’.

The Cup of Sanctification.

The process of becoming holy. We are in the process and we will not be complete until we reach glory.

The Cup of Judgment.

This cup has been the topic of much debate during the last supper. DID Jesus pass this cup or did He drink it all Himself. I think about when He asked God to let this cup pass Him. And yet He said, If it is your will. I will leave you to reflect on this. Yet, the Jewish people do drink of this cup as they await their Messiah. Remembering God’s judgment and wrath for sin.

The Cup of Redemption.

Cup #3. Jesus began what we practice today during a communion service. DO this in remembrance of me. He redeemed us. By shedding His blood. Reflect on the Jesus, in the upper room, speaking to the disciples in a new way. Not just speaking the tradition of the Passover but of what events that were to come and would soon occur in His own life. Lastly,

The Cup of Praise.

We are forgiven. Restored!

I find it so interesting that scripture time and time again points to Jesus.

Blessing to you and your family during this Easter week.