“If you could have anything in the world right now, what would it be?”

Some friends and I were having a heart to heart one evening, and a few guys tossed around the idea of having a big house or a nice car. But when the question came around to me, I answered without hesitation: “Stability.”

Three years ago, after graduating high school, I came out to my Hispanic Catholic family, and unfortunately, the experience wasn’t as positive as I had hoped. In an instant, my seemingly stable life spiraled out of control: my parents cried, said they “would never…

HTML and CSS are arguably two of the easiest languages to learn and are usually the first two that total beginners pick up. You learn the languages and make a website that looks pretty decent in a minimal amount of time. Other than the cascading nature of CSS, it’s fairly loose in structure and unlike other languages it won’t scream at you when you screw up the syntax. But, as your original website grows in complexity, it’s easy for that beginning CSS to start looking like spaghetti code. It gets to a point where you have 10 different classes that…

Alec Ortega

Senior Software Engineer at @ezcater. Previously, @hubspot, @wespire, @masschallenge.

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