Crypto Plus Tor, A Match Made in Privacy-Heaven

I’ve always been a big fan of anonymity so when Bitcoin became “a thing” I was thrilled at the concept of having a currency that was private and anonymous, at least to some extent. As long as you kept your mouth shut about your Bitcoins no one would know how much you have or whether you have any at all. Nowadays Bitcoin is not alone. There are thousands of new cryptos trying to make a name and a place for themselves. Unfortunately, many of these “alt-coins” don’t in actuality have any real vision or goal for their projects other than making a quick buck. This makes it difficult to keep up with which projects are worth one’s time and energy and those that are not.

With all that said, this little article is about a coin. A coin that piqued my interest with one (not so) simple word, “Tor”. If you’re not familiar with Tor check out their website for the details but the short story is that it allows you to interact with the internet while having your network traffic hidden or disguised as another making it much more difficult to identify the user, hence the excitement.

Without further ado, the coin that I’m droning on about is “Actinium”(ticker symbol “ACM”). ACM operates over the tor network taking the privacy/anonymity of crypto to the next level by hiding the network traffic and making it harder to follow or trace. That alone is enough for any crypto enthusiast that hold privacy as a priority to take notice. To top that off they are working on ledger wallet support (still in progress) and hopefully, that should be just around the corner.

The team behind Actinium states in their “Blue paper” (not yet at the white stage, I suppose) that one of the projects/teams goals is to provide an honest coin that can compete with the “influx of scam coins” that have overwhelmed the crypto realm. So far it would seem that the team is holding true to this aim as they have not had any “pre-mines” or “pre-sales”. They also seem to steer clear of trying to pay their way to relevance. The team does not seem interested in “shilling” or having their projects “shilled” by others. Its refreshing to witness a team firmly grounded in convictions with an unwavering belief in their project to sell its self.

Currently, it seems the team has been focused on implementing “Lighting” technology (which has been in development and testing within the Bitcoin project for a little while now) to their project as well. Lightning holds great promise in allowing (as the name implies) lightning fast transaction which will hopefully help lead Bitcoin and crypto in general towards mass adoption.

Actinium is still in its infancy but holds great promise with what appears to be an honest, open and transparent team behind it. If you’d like more information about this coin and the team you can follow the links below to dive in and start researching it for yourself.


Blue Paper: