How to use LinkedIn to boost your profile

What is LinkedIn? Well if you are not familiar with it, can I at least assume you are familiar with Facebook? Like Facebook LinkedIn is a social media platform, but unlike Facebook which is designed primarily to let friends and families connect LinkedIn is aimed at helping businesses and business people connect.

This isn’t some flash in the pan site either. It boasts almost 400million users from countries all over the world and all of the world’s top 500 companies use the site.

Among the benefits of using the site is that being on LinkedIn is shown to improve customer’s trust in your brand. But it isn’t just for businesses but also about the people who work for them. It is becoming increasingly used for recruiting. Major companies advertise positions on the platform. And individual users can upload their CV or resume and effectively put themselves in the shop window (I’m still waiting for my message from the WWE — time will tell!)

Getting started on LinkedIn

As with any social media site the focus is on your own profile. But this is unlike any other social media sites in so much as your profile page is effectively selling yourself as a business resource. There is a section for people to recommend your work and endorse you as a person, brilliant for us Freelancers! You can upload your resume, in fact that function allows you to apply for jobs pretty much at the click of a button! Cool eh?

Other features

Of course being one of the bigger social networks you can access LinkedIn via a mobile app. It’s handy when you are on your way to a meeting to be able to flip through your contacts and see the name of companies CEO so you don’t fluff your sales pitch.

So how do I use it?

As with any social network the key is expanding your contacts and growing your network. Especially if you are in business yourself! Through these contacts you might gain new clients. Achieve new business ventures or find that star employee that your business has been crying out for. If you are a professional you need to be on this site.

Etiquette on LinkedIn

With it being a platform aimed at business it is important to make sure to present yourself as a professional on the site. This is not the place to post that holiday snap of you in your bikini (You are looking for Instagram my friend!) Nor is it the place to post those pictures of you on your best buds stag do, snorting coke off a hooker…Actually I’d probably just delete that picture!

LinkedIn isn’t the place to spam messages. It’s more about building connections. So if you are reaching out to somebody new, send them a personalised message, also once you have connected with someone don’t just leave them be and sit idly by until them become of use! Start engaging with them by commenting on their material, liking their posts etc. This way you gain a community organically whilst engaging with each person individually. It’s through this approach that you are most likely to develop a healthy network of useful contacts. It is also a good platform to introduce people to one another.

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