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A domesticated sloth, mindfully organising chaos into… well, tidier piles of mess. (When I'm not trying to a poetic hobbit, I'm a product designer in a bank 🧐)
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There was once a man who loved
But the universe was not quite fair
They took the only woman he loved
And locked her in their lair

In tears he cried to the Gods,
Those Gods that claim to protect,
“How could you bring such misery
To two lovers who’ve made a pact?”

The universe gathered a furious storm
It poured with lightning and sound,
On the man’s back they beat him hard,
Like drums they ferociously pound

In the morning the sky clears,
And the birds come out to sing,
But all that was left of the broken man
Is his precious wedding ring

There was once a man who loved
But the universe was not quite fair
They took his wife and he took his life…
“They were the perfect pair.”

An unnecessary guide to help you fall in love with meetings again (… or not)

Welcome, to the first and possibly last episode of Empathy in the workplace. I’ll attempt to write as one would speak in a podcast, so you can switch on your mobile phone’s Voice Over or TalkBack function whilst sitting in your Sukhasana pose, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly, letting go of your thoughts on how terribly unproductive your day was from back-to-back meetings that never reached a conclusion, and realignment meetings that could’ve been prevented if one had written The Minutes.

In a perfect world, meetings would be five minutes long with three people in a room collectively and…

Just another year-in-review article written by a self-deprecating overthinker

A phone snap along the Ka’ena Point Trail

In my last post that wasn’t a sad poem, I wrote about what I learnt working in a hugeass company. That sounds like me being extremely proactive, but we all know that’s not always the case about ourselves, because sometimes we get lazy, and sometimes life throws you snowballs in your face, snowballs you weren’t actively looking for, snowballs that were unsuspecting and come flying in from nowhere.

A couple of friends who truly know me know that I have some innate fear of complacency and am not one to lie in a pool of confetti for too long (though…

I thought I’ve overcome you
Through Google and self-help readings
I’d walk myself around you
Talk myself out of you

But still I sense you lurking
Whenever someone comes near
Whenever someone stares
Whenever I walk by a mirror

All bodies are good bodies
We’ve learnt to love, not to shame
All of us deserve the strength!
… but I have nothing to my name

“People love you! Embrace it!”
I’d say to those who come my way
It’s funny how it doesn’t work the same
It can barely get me through the day

Why do you still torment me…

There are people who won’t love you
There are people who won’t care
There are people who like to call you names
They’ll shame and strip you bare

There are people who’ll keep saying
You’re their precious little thing
But when you’re looking for a steady shoulder
You realise you’re just a fling

There are people who don’t know you
There are people who think they do
There are those who’re out to strangle you
Cause they’re suffocating too

So stand up for yourself and others
Don’t let them put you down
Stand up for the whole damn universe
Don’t let the Devils make a sound

Too much, now, too much,
The world is way too much
Excessive obsessions with ideas and goods
Being different is now part of the Should’s

Is paying to stand out really that outstanding
Is money what the world is going to die spending
I don’t know what I’m in for I just want in
The stakes seem so high if I am not thin

Too much, now, too much,
The world is way too much
Forgetting the land was once shared by all
Till society’s greed defined what’s to rise and fall

Is living in 2018 really that cool
Cause I really do think we’re but materialistic fools
I’m done with this world and its crazy ideas
A sacrificial ground of blood, sweat and tears

“Mom, I don’t know why there’s the door-closing announcement. All buses have it now. Really. I’m in the bus. Yes. At Holland Road now. I can take a picture for you to see. I really am in the bus."

Who is
Who carries a backpack full of
What else but books,
Who wears a white uniform
Bearing a crest of
Intelligence and wit,
Puts his phone down and
Goes home

To a mother
Whose paranoia and distrust
Leaves his head hung low
And his backpack heavy - not from
What else but books - but from
Invisible locks and chains.

An old poem I wrote in March 2013.

Good night, she whispered,
Her fingers tracing her shadow
The wall is her refuge
The moonlight is her friend

<A still from a Gizmodo GIF of the Muppets Most Wanted movie>

(that aren’t design-related)

Having previously worked in a four-man design studio, as well as cosy retail and F&B environments — where decisions could be made between, er, two human beings — I’ve always been intrigued by how it would feel like to work in a large corporate organisation.

This might sound perverse, but looking back on the two years I’ve been in DBS, I must say that as much as the experience has made me curl up in tearful frustration more than a thousand times, it’s been quite a fascinating one for me to both observe and go through.

These are five things…

I remember those days
When it was cold and chilly
I’d retreat into your arms
And beg you to hold me

You’d do as I ask of you
Though I know you hesitate
For you’ve shut all your doors
And I’m just another, here, and way too late

I wish I had known
This was all just for comfort
You had picked me up and put me down
Like the winds do to grime and dirt

I remember those days
When it’s cold and it’s chilly
And it hurts that these nights
You no longer need me.

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