30 days of Writing Challenge

During those days I shall write.


No excuses.

It’s always easy to postpone something and say to yourself “ i’ll do it another time “ but postponing something doesn’t actually help.

In most cases, it equals laziness and procrastinacion, which are often the cause of dissatisfaction.

The reason why I want to write daily for 30 days is to see if I can do it and see what troubles and excuses come up.

Our lives are the result of our actions and belief systems. This simple exercise shall reveal some of my beliefs, which might not necesserily be productive nor constructive.

This exercise will:

  • Show false excuses
  • Increase work ethic
  • Make my writing better
  • Remove analysis paralysis
  • Give valuable insights on various topics
  • Great alternative to mindless activities

If these are the pros, then what are the cons?

  • Takes time
  • Requires energy.
  • Takes a little bit of commitment
  • Might cause discomfort

Do pros outweight cons? They sure do, for me, atleast.