Day 16: Life is Amazing.

But sometimes it just so damn hurts.

What do we do in our lives?

Many things.

But inflicting and seeking pain is usually not the one.

We fear pain as a plague. If something causes pain — we go away. If we have emotional problems, then they simply stay until we’re strong enough to let them go.

I believe that pain and hurts are really gems of wisdom. If you’re brave enough to learn, then you open your eyes and see what’s there.

Life is a Great Teacher for a Reason. It’s one of the toughest teachers out there, but its’ given knowledge is of significance value.

Break ups, fights, facing emotional problems, people coming in and out of your life — these are the problems that we all face.

The question is… how do you deal with it? If stress is part of our lives and we experience bigger or lesser pain daily, tnen it only makes sense to learn more about these ajd their management.

Emotions come and go, as tides of the sea rise and fall. Some stick longer, some do not, but life is life — each experience colors, twists and adds depth to it.

What if everything was OK all the time? Life would lack excitement, eventually… it would lead into boredom. Hurts and Pains can lead to discoveries, enterpreneurial problem solving, inventions yet unseen and growth untouched.

Stay open to life, friends. Sometimes it’s far better to accept what life’s doing and stop getting in the way.