On Philosophical Thought

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to jump straightly into the unknown, to feel a sense of purpose and to experience certainty, instead of endless doubts?

If so, then you have certainly encountered a deep sense of loss, confusion, aimlessness and a lack of desire.

That’s not a good start.

Hey, that’s only good for reflection and introspection.

There’s a saying that before you go up, you must first go down. Not sure how right it is, but this saying lead me into a field that I was not yet aware of, into a field of philosophy.

Before that things weren’t right.

( are they anytime? )

I was like a lost cat who wouldn’t want to change and who was dragged into a black hole of destructive habits.

By whom, you may ask? I could say that environment, toxic friendships and a boring lifestyle lead me towards that path, but what truly happened was that I myself allowed such influence into my life.

I wasn’t happy, but philosophy…

It helped me to put things into perspective and most of all it helped me to develop critical thinking, which is essential for emotional intelligence and any serious life change.

So, why philosophy?

Most humans fear death and the unknown, but philosophy tackles these things pretty well. It even removes the masks of social, cultural and even biological conditioning, so when all illusion is removed what remains is what’s essential.

That’s why I love it. Just like I said, it helped me put things in perspective.

Today I was pondering on thoughts such as these: “ soon you will be forgotten and everyone you know shall be forgotten too. The question is with the little time that you still got left what are you going to do? “

And so it’s the question that I’d like to ask you too. What will you do, with the time that you still got left in the world where even the greatest are soon forgotten?