On the Importance of Perception

And why it matters so much.

People don’t understand how lucky they are.

Often they compare themselves with others and look at what is missing rather than what they already have.

It’s difficult to feel wealthy when one directs its attention in a bad way.

Focus is everything.

If you’re good at focusing your energy, then it’s easier for you to develop regulatory skills, beat the shit out of anxiety or stress and improve your life quality.

Who wouldn’t want that? Most would. Unless you’re some crazy guy who likes to inflict pain upon yourself, then yeah… the story wold be different.

Anyways, PERCEPTION is Everything.

There’s just so much information out there that our brains cannot handle. It jumps into conclusions, uses associations and makes predictions based on what it already knows without taking into account what it doesn’t know.

The reason why most people fuck up in their lives is because they focus on the wrong things and interpret things supposedly rationally.

That’s not the case.

It doesn’t matter what happens, what matters is how you see it.

Just like I said our brains cannot process everything so we’re leaving some information out.

Don’t forget the obvious things but also think and look through things in multiple perspectives.

For example, let’s say you experience a death of a loved one.

The obvious information about this situation is this: she died, you won’t see her again and that’s bad. You’re supposed to feel pain because all people go through it just like that and so you do.

Even though emotional pain doesn’t last that long you help it stick longer, because you give energy it by thinking negatively and changing your behavior accordingly.

You did what was obvious, natural.

Yet there’s more than your eyes can see and your heart can feel.

If you looked at this situation psychologically, you would understand that bad thoughts lead into stress and stress clouds thinking.

You would know, that humans go through ignoring the truth, anger, sadness and acceptance phases.

You can also look at this through social perspective. When someone dies some people like to shut off from others. As we know shutting off and creating the silence wall only creates more problems. Talking about emotions, feelings is often the best remedy.

It increases your mood, helps you look at things more objectively and directs your focus elsewhere.

So, when seomething important happens think about perspective.

You control it so use it.