The Struggle Of A Man

When I was a kid I was always wondering what would it be like to grow up and live an adult life.

I’ve imagined myself being a Man of honor and prestige, someone who commands attention and respect.

Though, we all know that things often turn out differently.

Growing up I’ve seen both good and bad as we all did, found out some things about myself and probably still blind to some.

When I turn on a Movie I see these great heroes and models of what a Man could be showing off their courage, pride, beating the odds and accompishing great deeds.

I’d think that it’s awesome, but when you start thinking philosophically all value attributed to such things disappears because in the face of death only a few things are important.

I’ve tried asking others for an advice, guidance or a suggestion, but what I got was meek opinions of their own.

A heart craves for certainty but no man for certain knows what life awaits him nor what life is truly about.

Some say that the best thing about being a human is our ability to think and contemplate things, but is it so?

It burdens us and just like any other thing it has its cons and pros.

What I know is this: I know what I’m like and what I want in this world. I try my best and I do what’s good for my values.

Everything else is secondary.