Want an easy life?

Do what is Hard.

Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. — Bruce Lee.

This has been said countless times, but the wisdom that these words have are incredible.

We all know that humans are not that strong.


  • I’ll do this tomorrow.
  • I’m too lazy for that.
  • Life is not working out for me.
  • Why is it so difficult?
  • I don’t belong here.

These are the words that we use. Sadly, quite often.

We face so many decisions, that often they simply overwhelm us. It seems, that there’s no end to them and so we turn into despair, drugs, or other stress relieving things.

Yet…there’s a little problem with this : it doesn’t solve the problem, it only creates another one.

I know a guy named Adam and he’s a troublemaker. Nobody likes him for that, but we all respect him for one quality — resilience. He’s always doing what is hard, he puts the most difficult stuff first and you know what, he’s also cheerful.

How can one be cheerful when there’s so much to do, when your body is tensed from all this stress surrounding you?

When you face the truth and realize that doing what you must is mandatory.

Just imagine, what day would you have if you knew that you did everything that you needed before evening? You would have a pleasant evening free of stress and no worries…