Happiness- can you say found it?are you searching?

Are you born with it? Happiness could mean a number of things for the same number of people. For me happiness is being content and although I have many days when I just simply feel like giving up I am content to have the clothes on my back food, shelter and water of course .Growing up Christian my values have been claimed by those blessings and helps me realize I have all I need. Understanding its ok to want things and set goals however that is what I choose to remember at the end of the day before I go to sleep. I find it to be true if you know anything about whats going on around you I’m willing to bet you know about the growing economical separation between the rich and the poor. Which I would hope makes most people grateful for what is provided for them. As I stated in one my previous post I don’t make too much money so when I can afford to have a nice meal and go to the movies and what not im usually satisfied. I have goals trust me but in the process I found the most important part for me in my case is to be able too look back at my previous experiences of doubt and every single time God was in control of the event I overcame because of him certainly not because of my money… Happiness consist to wellbeing of soul mind and body of me and my loved ones,what does it mean for you? The prosperity of life in America is beyond spoiled you have to admit we are kinda of soft when it comes to problems into comparison of citizens in third world countries. Take moments in time to appreciate what you have the more gratitude you developed the more naturally you will find yourself being happier. Its all about your perspective and consistency in that perspective,in addition it also helps to have a positive group of people as a support system either you enforce more of it in your family or find people who meet more of your natural self esteem keep in mind its the little things that matter and they all add up to big things. Hopefully you enjoyed and found this somewhat useful. Goodnight!! Stay positive.
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