Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. (Romans 8:32)

In my life there have been several situations where I have lied because of suspicions I have against people, enough to the point where I lost count. You would assume that these feelings are natural and would protect you from danger but that is rarely truthful in reality suspicions have isolated me mentally and sabotaged some short comings of success. There is a key difference between be cautious about motives and then there is being overly suspicious. When you are suspicious of other peoples motives all you are really doing is accelerating a burnt bridge in that relationship. You are predetermining the future and shooting yourself in the foot before anything happens with out giving that person the chance to show themselves to you, always expect the best from people without expecting anything else back in return and you will be amazed at the results that reflect back into your life. Secondly suspicions may recognized because of previous situations you yourself have been through none of the less I believe you should always give people the benefit of the doubt until you can actually make a accurate judgment based on that persons fruits.

Face to face

The next step is looking your self in the mirror and having enough self awareness to have a honest talk with yourself about the things going inside of you and around you. knowing who are makes it easier to determine what value you can bring to others and what quality and character traits you need to work on. In addition this will also make it easier for you to open up to others because you have nothing to hide. knowing yourself and being honest with who you really are is the most important aspect of personal growth and should be exercised regularly. You will constantly evolve as your growth continues you will always be expanding so knowing yourself is very important you will always be the same person with a renewed mind. For me personally knowing myself begins with Jesus Christ I know who I am but I have no idea what the Lord will make me into it is that authenticity in our relationship that gives me the confidence to be me because I am aware of the fact that he created me in his image. Depending on my relationship strength I am usually a none judgmental person. However when my relationship is weakened by my own actions I usually turn into a very judgmental person striking viciously against others with suspicion. For me that is awareness knowing when you are at your low and when you are at your high and determining why and how you got there,being honest with yourself pays off. Few people will be as honest with you as you are to yourself and when they are you will be unable to identify the constructive criticism because your perception of reality is clouded due to a lack of authenticity with yourself.


When you connect with others it will be much easier for to be real with them because of the fact you know who are in general. Your relationships will grow instead of suffer because you are letting go of whatever makes you stop. I believe that’s what life is all about giving to others and including them in a part of your life that would otherwise have no access to. Giving is the most important thing to me not how much I have but how much I give that is what my life is centered around in terms of success being able to have a life of contribution no matter how big or small it is to me i can’t put a value on what I give because it is up to the receiver to determine. Honestly that’s what I love the uncertainty of knowing whether or not my gift will be accepted although it didn’t come from my hand but from my heart. This is one of the dozens of ways I know my savior served and I want to follow in his footsteps and encourage others to love in hopes they will find the father of love Jesus Christ.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this article I hope you enjoyed and find it useful thanks again have a good day & God bless.