“There is nothing noble in being superior your fellow man;true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Humility is something that did not always come easy to me. Looking back on my life I can see that although I have always been a humble person I was usually unable to be on the other side. Helping people has developed over time to become a passion of mine I love the feeling of knowing you made a positive impact in the life of somebody else. One amazing thing that always fascinates me is that you are unable to measure the value of your gift. Sometimes I think we forget about how the little things for us can be so big for others. There is no measurable value amount the giver can put on his gift because only the receiver decides this, to me that is greatest attribute about the gift other than giving it of course.

Most people including me have a hard time of being on the other side. Asking for help is something most of us do not want to do. Probably because we feel as if we are below someone else I have found this to be true, and in my opinion should be accepted. Learning to humble yourself is skill necessary for growth. Basically you are saying I don’t have the tools to get to a certain point in life and I believe that builds character. Only by being humble do we gain the skills of putting yourself last which is actually not a problem if you value yourself. Humility is usually only a problem if you are being too egocentric where you think you are too special to help someone but really you are a nobody.

Don’t let people confuse you only insecure people will act in such a way where they feel they are too good to contribute to your life. Little do they know how much of a disservice they are doing not you but to themselves… There is a lot to learn from humility other than it being a necessary attribute to a truly have happy life. When expressed with kindness it will open doors your imagination didn’t know existed.

Thank your for taking the time to read this post if you enjoyed feel free to give a recommendation. Have a great day be humble and God bless!