HUSTLE NOW!!! (Youth)

If you are in your youth right now and not doing everything you can to make a difference you need to stop your level of thinking Asap! Where I reside there are many (youths) people who are not striving for a future at all in any shape or form its one scenario not to have a job however whole other problem not to have a life. Keep in mind I’m not talking about people who recently quit or got fired unless its (been a whole 6months!!) I’m talking about dead beat people in their 20s and 30s who don’t have and drive or motivation to do anything. The world is cruel enough by itself and will knock you down even when your trying,so if standing there waiting to get hit it will hit you! I have obviously spent a time frame in my life where I was not working I happen to know it sucks and makes you feel unproductive so hopefully you don’t get the assumption I’m just talking out my rear here! As long as your optimistic and trying to work! It could be your passion teaching,cooking or medicine even how about the military? You should feel proud of chasing your legacy starting out gate swinging especially us youths have such a long way to go!
Optimism followed by action will breed success in some way or form.

Hope you enjoyed Goodnight!
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