No matter what color you are or what you believe no matter how widely unique you think you are we all have one thing in common we love. Some of you people in a bad mood may try and disagree however I’m willing to bet deep down inside you know it’s true! Today I had the privilege to work at a warehouse that was white with 2 blacks and 1 Mexican(bear with me) so the first 2 hours of work im pretty much the “bitch" of the warehouse cleaning after everyone very politely, and walking long trips to the trashcan as you may or not know the new guy on the block is always judged and probably rightfully so. Anyway another hour passes by and the higher ups come out to the floor looking around and judging performance. I could not help but notice I was being stared at for some time you could feel the tension in the air shortly after their evaluation they left.

One of the(white) leads who has worked there and got hired through the same agency saw the mistreatment and eventually came and talked to me “your a really good worker” thanks man I appreciate I replied. Truly I did appreciate it however I did not know how to change the statement over from small talk to a real conversation. Hour by hour went on and things started to go well for the most part for some reason the guy decided to tell me that he lived in the hood. Remarkable of course this was more small talk and the rest of the guys gathered around to listen to the conversation

Of course I found all this to be strange seeing how I was 1 of the 2 black guys mentioned earlier but I realized something, pay attention there is huge problem in our race because of this had I assumed they were being racist I would have not had the opportunity to

  1. Continue enjoying the conversation
  2. Work with great people with a solid work ethic
  3. Learn. Learning is halted by racism because you are not able to open up to other cultures regardless if you want to partake or not.
  4. Form and grow relationships
  5. Earn my pay

Now I understand that things are crazy out in the world however I want people to remember anyone can sit there and point out differences between themselves especially the great captain obvious it takes a genuine person to know all these things and realize even still we are more alike then we are different you don’t have to like everyone and you shouldn’t expect everyone to like you either but you can love them for the human being they are with no exception and stop making a bullcrap call excuse as to why your so different. Thank you so much for reading I hope you enjoyed this article and found it somewhat useful enjoy your evening be safe and remember we all love. God bless
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