Love when it hurts

when someone can see that you generally love and care about them it changes the dynamics of a relationship. Sincerity is a fine art that is running out slowly but surely. This is exactly why I feel it’s adamant that we do are very best to love one another if we don’t love one another to our best ability then we have failed as human beings the greatest accomplishment in life is to find, love and hold on to Jesus Christ.Once you are in a relationship I will warn you the world, sin and your own loved ones will desperately attempt to take you away from your faith. You have to protect your happiness you shouldn’t have to but that’s the world we live in you have to live and die for your happiness and what it means to you people will love to see you doing bad after you gaven your breath to help and motivate them. Don’t be fooled being a Christian will gain you a lot of snakes in your grass. Remember how good the Lord was and is to you this is what will help give you the strength you need to get through the day. love others the same way you have been loved despite the pain from the world you must keep going hold on and don’t blame the Lord for your own sin he gave you free will.

Thank you ♥for taking the time to read this post 📖 I hope you enjoyed your read God bless you and stay strong.

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