Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult trying to navigate to your goal when you are unfamiliar with the environment you are in. Uncertainties and unfamiliarity are around every corner which can be considered a potential problem when you are you trying to see exactly what route you are going to take to victory. Learning how to move in a field outside of your comfort zone is often a scary and lonely experience. Obviously you always have the help of your friends guiding you while assisting you on the way through your journey showing you the ropes, providing you with your first initial step forward into your new environment, However your friends road to your success is not the same pathway as yours. How will you build your very own unique blueprint specific to your goals in a environment you have yet to encounter? You don’t at least not right away.

Time efficiency

Patience wins every time, One of the worse things you can do is rush the process in a haste, Trust me I’m talking from experience. There is nothing worse than sabotaging your future progress because you lacked the patience to wait for your plan to develop. Or not wanting to establish a plan from the get go. Going out to your new environment head first is always a plus if you are acting in such a way that you are developing a status quo in the process then this is different. You are so involved in your environment that you naturally become a sponge and learn as you go if you are capable of this style of movement then I would jump on it. Knowing when to squeeze yourself into that small window of opportunity will provide you with a exponential advantage against the time going against you. Speed does kill and combined with awareness it will serve you better than what you would believe to be possible.


Anxiety is something I struggle with strongly. Sweaty palms wandering eyes you name it. I have suffered through it my whole life at 22 years old I am still having my ups and downs in finding ways to cope with the issue. Fear is a disease which eats you from the inside out. Costly as it is having the power to stunt your growth and leave you feeling powerless and regretful. Fear of the unknown can keep you isolated and stagnate from breaking into any new type of ventures for your life. Experiencing this is a problem for anyone and should be expected. Kicking yourself through the motions of developing positivity and optimism overtime will lead you to the results that you want in time. Don’t be afraid to venture once you take a leap of faith you will question what made you postpone your dive for so long. Believe in yourself and trust that the Lord Jesus Christ will guide your feet every step of the way!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful until next time stay positive and embrace change God bless! :-)