Patience is a gift that we want as fast as we can get it. Unfortunately it takes a long time for the character trait to be developed, actually it takes a entire lifetime for this gift to be mastered and even then it’s human instinct to become irritated. So how is it learned? How is it practiced in my experience I had to learn patience by extreme agitation from a early age I suffered from a.d.d. Paying attention to anything longer than 1minute that was dual tasked was a struggle for me. Overtime I started learning to control my emotions although diagnosed with the illness I knew deep down that wasn’t my problem, my problem was I constantly showed a serious lack of interest because most things in school I truly didn’t care about.

Directed Focus

In order to really buckle down and make your time efficient you must be able to squeeze time and opportunity in one egg,learning to take advantage of opportunities at the right moment is a skill everyone should learn how to use. Unfortunately we grow up with the perception that doing more equals out to production and that’s not always the case. We can do far more even then we would expect from ourselves,When we dare to take the time to focus on things that actually matter to us keeping in mind those things will all be different to us and that’s a good thing! Without diversity and appreciating that someone knows what you don’t know how to do and wanting to learn either more about the subject or be taught from the person who interested in the topic you are now studying. However I personally think it’s better to actually engage with the person instead in preference of learning from else where, you should always be doing that anyway even still. Life takes a long time to get used to in fact it’s constantly changing even when you find “stability” it seems like in order for balance to be obtained there must be a trade off at some point in prosperity. Enjoying the ride to the fullest is the key though you should be grateful enough to realize that this doesn’t happen often and not to everyone someone somewhere is looking for the same opportunity as you are. Humble yourself.


Part of patience is playing the waiting game. Far too often we see things and want instant gratification we live in a very self entitled society and are programmed that way through time. Delayed gratification I personally am trying to work and need to put alot more effort in .Staying level headed while working to pursue the things that matter to you unfortunately it can be difficult to use your time wisely to begin with! I believe this problem is correlated to the people we love most perception of what we should be doing interfere with our calling. The people who are closest to us have the biggest potential to be a roadblock in our journey towards something great patience is a great skill to practice and utilize you know the old saying “Nothing worth having comes easy”


Endurance is another key attribute that ties into patience which can really be summed up in terms of longevity being 22 this is something I tend to forget more than I would like own up to however it’s that same consciousness that I believe will work out for my benefit down the line and I believe it will for you too! The sooner you start to implement patience in your life the sooner you find improved perception providing you with more control over your life. More freedom to do the things you love. I believe we as humans all would like more control over things we worry about while it is not possible to control much of anything what we can control is our output, input, time, and our responses amongst other things of course. Everything is a means to a end you and I would be smart to choose carefully what we decide we want to last and make something in.

Hot tempers cause arguments, but patience brings peace.
(Proverbs 15:18)

Thank you for taking the time to read this article hopefully you enjoyed the read God bless and enjoy your day!