SF Ali

Powerful you are huge inspiration to me. You said this is not nearly your best but this is my favorite, I feel likes it’s more real and down to earth “technically” haha your story of what you have gone through makes mine look like a sad excuse of a man I have been running from my problems in a delusional state for about a month now. You inspire me first to be a better man and show love first and foremost your dedication and authenticity is profound!! I mean it I haven’t read a story so touching in a while. I haven’t felt life from a story of in a while. You deserve to have a good life you deserve to be recognized. This came straight from your heart and it shows the passion of your story speaks for itself I have been suffering from depression as a kid and now I after abusive relationship I am just now getting the hang of my anxiety 9 months later. I have indeed been rumored about just 45 mins ago my sister said I need to lay off the drugs. Anyway I have respect for your work and prayers for your family you are the man! May God bless you!

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