The Power Of No

Sometimes the best response is no response.

Have you ever felt like if you were obligated to do something just because you were asked? Most of us know how it feels to be torn between our own needs and feeling like we let our loved ones down. Finding the balance between helpful and being a doorknob can be tricky especially if you are used to being a yes man. Take it from me you can go the extra mile however you in no means want to become a crutch for others carrying all the extra weight deemed unimportant. I personally believe in being a giver and serving, while keeping in mind that I will not l allow my kindness to be taken for granted. Demanding your right to say no is something you are entitled to when you allow yourself to say no you take back a freedom that is all but to good to be mistreated. Get your freedom back start saying no today!

Thank you reading this short post as always I hope you enjoyed and found it useful until next time take care and God bless!!

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