What is your why? As I start to grow older I am astonished by the power that trends continue to hold on the youth. Obviously most trending targets are for that age group specifically(Youth) however to me it seems that age doesn’t necessarily have a distinct correlation between trends in itself its subjectively speaking. Basically saying that yes the 35yr old man is more mature than 22yr old man due to 13yr difference in life exposure it seems to me however that trends generally make them operate in the same manner, I didnt realize this till after highschool truly adults are more subjective in marketing more than most young adolescents. Why? My belief is because they have more pressure on them to fit in so when they stand out it gives them that much more attention. Adults(30+) I feel as if they are usually more out of the loop in comparison to youth when it comes down media and politically correct angle to take on a matter by this point of their life most of them have evaded that type of hype are willing to make a more established based perception. Carrying right along if allowed I would like to share my thoughts with you about this huge problem with explanation. I was never one for peer pressure I always want a sure and concrete reason behind any explanation which I find to be gift and a flaw. These days young adults are so tied into each other they forget they are a individual im not against discussion,debate, or good old clean fun conversation on a trending topic but the lack of originality is startling to say the least. I have seen people completely dismantled for saying their unique opinion on a topic that because of social media wiring apparently only has one angle of viewpoint.

And I for one am tired of that clone attitude if you want real expression honest diversity and true freedom of speech take the time to show a little interest of a unique viewpoint that you would otherwise be against. Now im not saying go out a find people with clearly screwed views of things. Im talking about close topics to your heart. Work ethic, environment, politics, religion, race, business, photography, anything that you feel strongly about let it be known just make sure you have a valid why! A why should never be answered with a cliche clone type response of “I thought it was cool” yes it’s obvious you thought it was cool tell people why with untarnished authenticity of yourself. It’s one thing for people to connect under common ground. It’s another for people to connect under washing of media and popular demand. There used to be a time period where people were true to themselves and would walk with their head high if ridiculed. I think about this mostly with children who have the biggest impact on our world,if children are not allowed or feel as if they are not allowed to express their authenticity then you endanger a huge potential part of the future that can carry on into adulthood unless they are able to breakout. Which is sometimes too hard for people to do, I have alot more respect for someone who can tell me why they believe,think or feel the way they do even if their flat out wrong! And vice versa someone who cant tell me their thoughts and views on things because they dont know… There is nothing wrong with failing just remember why you did it. Keep your why honest. Keep your why authentic dont let the peer pressure of anyone stop you from your explanation someone decently worthy of your time will in the very least be cordial with you because you took the time to effectively communicate and clarify your reasoning to them. And I think thats what most people want a opportunity to bridge the gap in communication BECAUSE of so much mundane systematical reasoning. I have found in my life that many times the next level of growth did not come from support of my authenticity but in opposition to it instead! And I feel as if that’s how we all grow by getting off are high horse and meeting in middle ground. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts I hope to enjoy yours too!