Thea: Artist/welder/aerialist

We’d love to hear more about your experience as a welder, Thea! When did you start welding?

While TIG is typically only used on very thin metals, it has a wide range of applications for both hobbyists and professionals. AC/DC welders are ideal for multiple uses around the home such as pipework, joint work, and automotive repairs, making it an essential piece of kit for DIY enthusiasts.

Delivering reliable and consistent performance, an AC/DC welder is a versatile machine for both hobbyists and professionals alike. …

Brock on Pony

Amongst mountainous pine forests and some of the most stunning scenery you’ll find on Earth, Brock Palasty spends his day’s pipe welding in the mountains of Northern Atlanta, just 5 hours from the Northwest Territories of Canada.

#WhyWeWeld, a campaign profiling welders from all backgrounds and walks of life. We are here to share their unique work and stories.


It’s In Our DNA

Nate of @evil.arc has been welding for over two decades. With a career spanning the military, pipe welding, nautical work, and more recently, sheet metal, Nate has been there and welded it. YesWelder wanted to learn more about him…

The twelve-year-old welder

Today we’re talking to DC, @dc_andrade on Instagram. Going from welding class in high school to working in a NASCO shipyard, he’s had quite a journey in his 7 years of welding. Now, he’s a YesWelder ambassador and on the cusp of launching his own welding brand.

DC lives in San Diego with his wife and two children. At 16 years old in high school, DC got into welding by accident. He ended up in the wrong class but found a love for welding so he kept going. “There’s no welding in the family; my dad is a landscaper and…

“Great welding can truly be an art form

TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas welding) is a type of welding that is ideally suited to tricky shapes like curves and corners. It offers precision, accuracy, and quality — and a great appearance when done correctly.

TIG welding is used in a wide variety of applications and industries. It is commonly used in the building of aircraft, ships, and other vehicles, particularly in pipework and sheet metal. The process can be carried out in tight spaces and so is often performed ‘in the field’ as well as in workshops. …

Today we’re having a quick catch up with Alicia Butty, a.k.a Canadian Welder Girl!

Thanks for taking the time out of your lunch hour to talk to us Alicia! So, how did you get into welding?

My dad got me into welding. He and my uncle run their own custom store, so I spent a lot of time hanging out there as a kid and after school. When I was young I used to love making little art projects with the steel lying around! So it’s been a constant throughout my life.

“Alicia turning random metal pieces into works of art”

Amazing! Is it just hobby projects that you…

An Interview with Melissa

Today we’re talking to Melissa, a.k.a Missy Welds! She’s an advocate for women in the trade and has plenty of plans to drive more awareness and recognition. With a broad welding career under her belt, Melissa has experience working with robotics, automation, automotive, and much more.

“Melissa with Fuel Cutting”

So let’s start at the beginning! How did you get into welding?

I’ve been welding for around 12 years now. I first got into it as I bought a Honda Civic and it turned out it needed a new floor! So I bought my first welder, a 140 MIG welder…

Hey James, thanks for taking the time to speak to us. So, let’s start at the beginning! How did you get into welding?

I graduated high school in the mid-’90s and went on to do a welding apprenticeship. I started out learning stick and MIG welding then moved onto TIG. Right now I work at Milton Cat as a large construction welder. I work on excavators, loaders, and things like that. Every day is different and I get to use some really cool techniques like plasma and air arc gouging. They’re huge welds but as it’s industrial, there’s not a…


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