Everyday is Optimization day at FC

Today we’re digging deep into our web application at the new Fastcompany.com

The site is currently a monolithic application running a system called Jetpack that sits on top of express. After gathering data from our mobile site for a few days, we clearly saw bottlenecks in New Relic. So, today we audited our stack entirely and see if we can make optimizations in various places.

Without going into details, here are some of the improvements wish to do in the next few days:

  • Replace the core of our middle ware to remove unused bloat.
  • Cache our database responses
  • Cache DNS requests to our DB
  • Improve our Redis infrastructure
  • Lazy loading widgets on page and change it from server side data retrieval to client side rest API

We finished the first bullet point today and was able to decrease the load time by 50%! Though still not where we want the response time to be, we would like to decrease that by another 50% or more, so it’s going to be alot of fun digging into the stack and see how we can squeeze every bit of performance bottleneck out of the stack.

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