20 Bloggers to Follow for Your Next Trip

May 31, 2016 · 9 min read

New York, Moscow, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Rome… discover unique places in more than 30 cities around the world and be inspired by talented local bloggers. Follow them on Wicard app and have in your pocket all their favorite spots.

1. Eliran Ashraf

Travelled to: Barcelona / Bern / Geneva / Hollywood / Los Angeles / Megève / Monterey / New York / Palo Alto / Paris / San Francisco / Santa Barbara / Santa Monica / Tel-Aviv

Description: Textile & fashion designer at UNDER/CONSTRUCTION, Eliran is also a great traveler, inspiration seeker and urban zen. He is sharing with you his collection of the most beautiful places he discovered so far.

Follow Eliran and discover some of his best travel memories:

2. Nouhad

Travelled to: Barcelona / Geneva / London

Description: Gourmet blogger at Choisis ton resto, Nouhad loves to help travelers finding unique atmospheres wherever she goes. For amazing restaurants and hotels, you can trust her!

Follow Nouhad and discover some of her best travel memories:

3. Popshion

Travelled to: Lausanne / New York / Sydney

Description: This young swiss blogger is passionate about fashion, beauty and travel. At only 21 years old, she already lived on three continents and she has never stopped sharing her experiences on her blog.

Follow Popshion and discover some of her best travel memories:

4. Mademoiselle B

Travelled to: Amsterdam / Geneva / Montreux / Morges

Description: Epicurean and lifestyle blogger, Barbara is in love with food, travel and life. Her way of travelling? Strolling in the streets and making every moment an unforgettable memory.

Follow Mademoiselle B and discover some of her best travel memories:

5. Loveandloathingla

Travelled to: Los Angeles

Description: “The unofficial queen of Los Angeles”, Caroline is the founder and creator of beloved lifestyle blog appropriately titled Love & Loathing LA. As a California native, Caroline has made a conscious effort to explore and experience as much as she can in whatever city she calls home.

Follow Loveandloathingla and discover some of her best travel memories:

6. Lisa Leyla Yerebakan

Travelled to: Amsterdam / Istanbul / Munich / Saint-Gall / Zurich

Description: Lisa loves surrounding herself with beautiful things… such as fashion, artsy places or delicious food sharing on her blog. Her motto: “seeing the world through a camera lens can be fascinating, and sharing it makes it even more enjoyable”.

Follow Lisa Leyla Yerebakan and discover some of her best travel memories:

7. Kristjaana

Travelled to: Munich

Description: At 27 years old, this young blogger from Estonia has a passion for old fashion, travel and lifestyle. Both feminine and casual, she takes us to Munich and show us her secret places.

Follow Kristjaana and discover some of her best travel memories:

8. Ali di Firenze

Travelled to: Florence

Description: Alice is a French travel blogger based in Florence. She shares with us the most exclusive spots and “oh so chic” Italian way of life. If you’re going to Florence, look no furhter, you have already found your guide!

Follow Ali di Firenze and discover some of her best travel memories:

9. Louise Grenadine

Travelled to: Lyon

Description: Dedicated to the daily little joys, Louise Grenadine launched her blog in 2007. Her passion? Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Food and Travel. All those things that make life more beautiful.

Follow Louise Grenadine and discover some of her best travel memories:

10. Ennfrancosaysblog

Travelled to: Moscow

Description: Anna takes us to her hometown: Moscow. Creator of a fashion and lifestyle blog Ennfrancosays, Anna is passionate about cultural events, trendy places, photography and travels.

Follow Ennfrancosaysblog and discover some of her best travel memories:

11. Kelly

Travelled to: San Francisco

Description: Foodie and maker, our California blogger give us a bit of sweet through her website A Side of Sweet. What is essential for her is to help us find balance in our busy world.

Follow Kelly and discover some of her best travel memories:

12. Driftwood Journals Blog

Travelled to: Barcelona

Description: Ben moved to Barcelona in 2009 and falled head over heels in love with the food, people and culture of Spain. He is sharing the experiences that make his heart weep with joy as he discovers and shares the best of this sun-drenched city.

Follow Driftwood Journals Blog and discover some of his best travel memories:

13. El Boquerón Viajero

Travelled to: Madrid, Malaga, New York

Description: A couple of travelers coming from Málaga (Spain) and from New York (USA). They love sharing the best of their discoveries, a kind of mix between delicious tapas and amazing chocolate chip cookies.

Follow El Boquerón Viajero and discover some of their best travel memories:

14. Theblondiediary

Travelled to: Lausanne / Geneva

Description: Morgane decided to launch her blog Theblondiediary in 2011 after having been inspired by other talented bloggers. Today she loves sharing her very favorites in Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel.

Follow Theblondiediary and discover some of her best travel memories:

16. Think Travel Live

Travelled to: Rome

Description: Fascinated by the world and its people, Angela loves diversities and quirky little places. Her trips spark up from the belly, take shape in the mind and then are lived with the heart with which she snaps photos that become indelible.

Follow Think Travel Live and discover some of her best travel memories:

17. Jessieonajourney

Travelled to: New York

Description: Jessie spends half her time living in NYC and half her time traveling the world. She loves discovering a country by foot or by bike and feeling the beat of a city.

Follow Jessieonajourney and discover some of her best travel memories:

18. Nelson Carvalheiro

Travelled to: Porto

Description: Nelson grew up in a small farm in Coimbra, Portugal. His passion for travels comes from his desire to tell stories about his wonderful trips: “As an engaging storyteller, I dedicate my writing and photography to the soul and sense of places I visit, people I meet and food I taste”.

Follow Nelson Carvalheiro and discover some of his best travel memories:

19. Heather Mason

Travelled to: Johannesburg

Description: Heather loves exploring this wacky city, which is unlike any other city in the world. She loves walking Jozi’s streets and discovering places that most lifelong Jozi-ites don’t know about.

Follow Heather Mason and discover some of her best travel memories:

20. Whitecityboy

Travelled to: Tel-Aviv

Description: White City is a popular nickname for Tel Aviv — thanks to the Bauhaus vibe. This is where “White City Boy lives”, aka Kristóf Yosef Steiner, writer, journalist, television personality and fashion observer.

Kristóf was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. He started his writing career as a movie and fashion reviewer and pop culture expert, and interviewed several international film makers, word famous actors. He is a regular writer of the Cosmopolitan Hungary, Hungarian Marie Claire Blog, and Time Out Israel.

Follow Whitecityboy and discover some of his best travel memories:


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