Funding D&D again

So i haven't played or ran D&D since i had my heart attack .

Its very sad really . I have always been very hobby focused , and aside form my other physical limitations with my back , i now have alot of trouble going out into the world , since my heart condition has become an issue .

So me being not only out of work but a serious bill now , if i want to continue , i need to find a way to not burden my wife with it .

If i was gaming in store id do it the old fashioned way , show my prowess as a Dm , as the group to kick in the to new book and if i was good enough it wouldn't be a problem …. I have actually pushed this method in the past for other dms who want to build their game .

but being home bound lately i need my process and a new answer .

My process is i read and live the book adventure for a few days . hear the characters in my head , look for soft spots i can add flare of my own and really build the experience . I once scared my wife cause she thought i had lost my mind and was talking to myself in the bathroom for an hour .

So now i have to learn to use roll20 as a dm . buy the online package . there in lies my problem how do i merge both without leaning on my wife .

So after some research , im considering using . I posted to my facebook to see if i had friends that could give me some feedback .

My idea is as such to record a video and ask people to help me reach my goal of 200 dollars for the books and the online package on roll 20 .

if it makes more i will explain in the video id use the money on roll 20 and D&D things . Id also record the sessions and post them , if i raised say x amount over my goal id run a second game for backers , that submitted they wanted to play .

over all i want to impress that by asking for what feels like a hand out to me , i want to give back . obviously id do the video recordings regardless .

Overall id finally give back by running a brand new session of the adventure on extralife’s charity as a marathon , if my health holds up .

so in the end i also give back again .

either way this is where i am with the idea . i will post more here as it develops .

thanks for reading .


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