Hi im Charlie Brown and I have forever Dm disease . I enjoy story telling and get wrapped up in it , and love to do role playing cinematic combat , mysteries , and puzzles , all moving at the same time , because thats how life works its stressful and fun , and even when i run campaigns i always close on a cliffhanger , a midfight defeat , or the reward they can see but can not yet reach , to get them excited for the next time we get together . I have created Npc that have become full fledged party members , i have created npcs , the the players began accidentally creating a backstory an adventure for the new npc , and they all want to run off on this adventure they think i wrote , and so that becomes a mini side campaign . I am a fun inventive DM / GM .

In short im good at what i do .

I love the new 5th ed , stuff from D&D , and i am a huge fan of Savage worlds system . I never miss an episode of Chris Perkins Running anything . I love new ideas .

Let me tell you , i have been embarrassingly compared the Chris Perkins as a DM , because i enjoy props and voices . THese are my credentials . I am , however no Mr Perkins.

Now let me tell you the secret to DMing ….. I lie all of the time …. if we get a rule wrong …. i go back and fix it later by ret-coning the reason this thing happened , but how it happens stands .

I say yes To almost everything , but because im saying yes doesn't always mean your getting what you wished for , i am an evil Genie most games .

The rules lawyer or meta gamer , are stressful but never get in my way . because the first rule of a D&D campaign is fun , next is adventure , third is the story , somewhere around 82nd i think the rules actually matter .

However all this being said im consistent , if you can give me a good reason you want to make a check with a skill and why it would relate to this situation , ill hear you out and often enough ill even let you try .

If you roll dice at the table for a check you didnt ask me about and i confirmed , or your just blurting out loud and rolling …… your going to live with that result and i will narrate how you lunged out into this wild thing your doing . However preparation sheets cure this problem if you steal everywhere you go , ot to research every room we are ever in .

But that resolves in getting caught stealing more often then not , or often being the slowest person in the party , and even on occasion being separated

this is how i DM / Gm , I hope you find it helpful , i actually wrote it some time ago . but i wanted to put it here so people can see it .

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