Wizards Of the Coast D&D team Please make more boxes for 5th ed

Hi Im CB , and this is just my opinion .

Mines of Phandelver , is an amazing adventure , So much so i ran this instead of Hoard of the Dragon queen in Season 1 of adventure league , and hopped over midway through .

But let me go into Why .

With only the one box set people get to hop into D&D , and try it out for $20 . I dont know that Wizards isnt loosing money on this box .

However if they Aren’t , Id like to make a suggestion . Make more . I use this box as a one shot adventure with the goblin caves , as an add on for the green dragon fight , i ran this alongside hoard of the dragon Queen , for another group to give them lots of busy body work . That being said , as an intro into D&D , i have sat as a player in one of these games that someone brand new to the game ran , helped clear up rules , helped explain a few terms but played without meta gaming .

Why did i mention that because he is still DMing , people are afraid to DM , it seems hard and theres so much writing and work , and technology , and aliens , im joking , but , i have heard alot of reasons why people cant DM . When you press them they all say the same thing , im afraid .

This box set is awesome but the one time , successful DMing of one box set isnt always enough .

issue 2 is , most of us , are low income , or live on a tight budget , and dont want to drop say $90 on books , to maybe play, when , you can whip out one of these many self contained adventures as a board game and have a better chance of people jumping right in to try it out .

I know you have board games already , but i think you may be missing a larger market here .

with the release of 2 more box sets , One being a whole new level 1–5 adventure , and one being a 5–10 . I think you will help the market open up more . I was there when you did 5th ed , and everyone was playing it , but what i saw where i am at least and online was so many were running the beginner box .

It being the cheaper option may be the reason and again by all means if your loosing money on this production , i get why this isnt a regular thing . If you arent let me offer you this suggestion .

make more boxes , written as well as the last one . maybe even charge 25 , call then the adventure boxes , and include pregens from levels 1–5 for all the characters in the boxes and maybe even a page of flat figure cut outs . and a couple maps . and then same character pregens from 5–10 ,for the bigger box . These boxes are great because they arent about learning the game as much as just experiencing it .

I love your game and the new mechanics but i have wondered this alot . how great it would have been to have a box for each season of play , i mean im not going to lie , if you had an escape the temple box set , when prince released , or a demons under dark box set , i would have spent more , on D&D .

But thats just my opinion .

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