WickedSmart Corporate Terms, Defined

a glossary of terms that will make you look wicked smart… especially in corporate interviews, through those first few treacherous years on the job, and beyond…

gross vs. net

Gross is a financial term referring to the total amount of money generated (e.g. total profit or total sales). Net refers to the amount of money left over after all deductions are made.

As in: I mean, I was psyched to hear the gross sales numbers, but then Stanley just called up here with the net profits for the quarter!


incomings and outgoings of cash representing the operating activities of an organization

As in: How are we going to explain these cashflow issues at the next stakeholder’s meeting?? They’re going to be like,

KPIs // metrics

Both KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and metric refer to measurements of progress and/or success.

As in: So Sam, in terms of slaying the competition, would you say that you’ve met your KPIs this month?

kickoff // roundup // checkpoint // touchbase // sidebar

ALL of these terms are used to describe meetings that occur at various times and/or last a certain amount of time…they’re all just meetings.

As in: So we get called together for a roundup but it really just ends up being a sidebar on Littlefinger’s project.


A deck is another way to say PowerPoint presentation. Or Keynote presentation, depending on whether you’re a PC or Mac user.

As in: I worked on that deck for 3 days and then Joffrey just sh-t all over it.

strategic vs. tactical

Strategy refers to a larger, overall plan of action, whereas tactics are the efforts, tasks or steps taken to carry out a strategy.

As in: Margaery’s strategy was solid, but the tactical execution was a bit premature.

drinking the Kool-aid // buy-in

Refers to a person or group holding an unquestioned belief, argument, or philosophy without critical examination, or the commitment of interested or affected parties to a decision.

As in: If we’re going to get this project off the ground, we’re all going to have to drink the Kool-aid.


A subject-matter expert (SME) or domain expert is a person who is an authority in a particular area or topic.

As in: I had a much better idea for how we could maximize profits on that project but since Tyron is the SME, no one’s willing to hear me out.

hack it

to cope, manage or endure

As in: They tried to bring in reinforcements to help him out, but I guess Harold just couldn’t hack it.

And our final entry in this edition of Wicked Smart, Defined:

wow factor

that special feature or pizzazz that takes a presentation, meeting or interview from good to amazing

As in: Even if you didn’t understand all of these gifs, bring your wow factor on over to WickedSmart, make sure your profile is as amazing as it can be, and you’ll be ready when the right opportunity comes along!

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Stay smart!

The WickedSmart Team

By Tiffany Brower @tiffbrower and Sara Phipps @sarajainephipps