So Two Muslims Walk Into Starbucks: Or, My Hate Crime Experience!
SF Ali

I was in NY city on 9/11,but I am intelligent enough to realize that you cannot blame an entire race of people , or a whole religion taken out of context by some , for the actions of the few. I have been “hated on” for all kinds of different , usually always, ignorant, and /or petty reasons, and I just would like to say that I genuinely feel bad that the Muslim people ,and the Middle Eastern people who are just trying to live their lives and not bother anyone else are being targeted all the time now because of things that others “like” or “similar” to them in some way have chosen to be a part of certain groups obsessed with hate for people who are not like them. But ,it’s just like the early immigrants of my ancestors , who were treated like shit when they first came from Europe, then the blacks, various types of Hispanics, Asians, and on and on. After a certain period of time, most,but never all unfortunately,prejudicial feelings become fixated on a new “group” eventually .Which is not the answer, obviously , just an observation .

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