What I learned giving up coffee for a week

So by coincidence I decided to give up coffee. I had the flu and every time I tried to drink coffee I would cough it up . It was most likely because of my acid reflux. It would make my stomach burn and because I have shitty health insurance I decided not to go to the doctor because I didn’t want to wait almost two hours to see a doctor. Therefore, I used natural remedies to combat my flu like ginger, garlic and lime which stopped it instantly. I learned on 23andme that due to my genetics that I absorb caffeine into my bloodstream quickly. Therefore, coffee and caffeine keep me awake. Yet, coffee gives me that “fake awake” feeling for awhile. I learned from pulling all-nighters as a college student that hunger really keeps me awake and there were times I wouldn’t eat because I had a paper due the next day and by not eating and just drinking coffee I would have so much energy and that when I eventually ate I crashed very hard. Although, I think this method is failing the older I am getting.

Thus, I decided to give up coffee to see what changes I would see. I only drink one cup a day so I am not an avid drinker. In just a week I noticed drastic changes. First— the good, I am way more tired but I am able to sleep better, which is not good, because right now I am unemployed and if I were working I wouldn’t be able to be knocked out in the middle of the day. I still have a lot of trouble sleeping but I still feel more relaxed. Second, my appetite has decreased by a lot and I really can no longer eat things that are too sweet. Well hopefully, that will help me lose weight. I noticed that I’m not breaking out as much either which is good for me because I have had acne since I was 12. Now onto the bad, I am having withdrawal symptoms. Remember, caffeine is a drug. I had to drink decaffeinated tea just so I can get my caffeine fix. Also, my mood has taken a complete dip. I’m really moody, since caffeine boosts my energy it also makes me feel elated. Without coffee, my moods can change frequently and I am noticing a lot more anxiety, this could be attributed to the withdrawal symptoms. I find myself wanting to cry a lot more.

Now, because I am not drinking coffee I have resorted to alternative methods, such as orange juice and herbal teas like peppermint in hopes to give me a boost. Usually, I get mid-day grogginess and my body then craves caffeine since I have been sleeping a lot more, I have not noticed the grogginess. Also, I do not drink soda or really any carbonated beverage and only would drink it for the caffeine.

I am planning to keep this up for the month of January. I do not know if I will last beyond that, but I enjoy challenging myself so I don’t know what will happen after this but I am enjoying my life sans-coffee.

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