Clear night, light breeze

Do Something Fun

One evening after my courses were finished for the day, I decided that instead of taking the bus straight home, I would walk around Dinkytown. I walked through the town and observed how people seemed to be in a rush to go somewhere or very focused on getting there. I saw people enjoying spending time with friends and being with others. I was also able to take a long route home that was less crowded and have quiet time to think to myself and take in the night scenery. This may have been the most relaxing part of the journey! It made me take a step back and slow down everything that is going on inside my head, relieving stress and seemingly stopping time.

My Beautiful Mind Map (image and summary)

My mind map process started with using the base mind map that we constructed in groups during the previous class. I included things that I felt were relevant from it while adding many themes that I or another student had not previously thought of in class. I decided to think about each topic as it relates to my life, which helped me to create a map that is very personal to my experiences and beliefs. After this, I decided to try to view these concepts from an objective perspective and added the concepts which did not necessarily relate to my experiences, but were more generally related to health and wellbeing. I found it interesting that there are topics or sub-themes that I had not considered initially when constructing the mind map based on the connections relating to my experience. It made me realize how expansive this major theme truly is; if I asked another person to add to this map, it’s guaranteed that she would always be able to add something that I had not even considered.

My Not as Beautiful Mind Map (digitization)

Suggested Themes

Theme 1

Workplace Safety
I find this theme very interesting because it is directly related to the type of work I am studying. As a Human Factors and Ergonomics student, I learn how to improve efficiency in all aspects of design such as user, system, and processes. Workplace safety is unique in that although it is thought of as a purely physical type of design, it has both mental and emotional facets as well. For example, a construction worker may be injured in his profession due to a falling beam. Not only will this impact his physical ability to work, but it would also cause a mental strain on his future job potential, the desire to continue in the profession, as well as create fear associated with being injured once more. I feel that this is a worthy area of exploration because although much focus is spent on improving and removing situations that lead to such scenarios, more work needs to be done to improve the outcome and impact on the individuals affected when such unfortunate events occur.

Theme 2

Habits and Patterns
I am interested in habits, patterns, and routines of people of different ages and social classes. There is definitely research and books written on what successful people do (or claim to do) on a daily basis but what about everyone else? I have learned that certain habits are supposedly very important to learn (e.g. brushing your teeth daily, waking up in the morning), but exactly what impact do these and even non-widespread habits have on an individual’s health and wellbeing? What happens if someone does not conform to established norms and habits? If I sleep in a different place every night will it impact my internal sense of security? If I talked to a stranger at least once a day would it change my views of society? Would my views become more accepting and understanding, leading to a more positive outlook on my own life? Conversely, would my views become more cynical, leading to a more pessimistic view on my life? I feel that these are just a few of the important questions that can be investigated if research into patterns/habits and the formation of norm-breaking habits was conducted.

Theme 3

This sub-theme is very interesting to me because as a Buddhist, I was taught about meditation at a very young age and how beneficial it is to your mind. More recently, research on meditation and its benefits to your health is being conducted. Not only is it beneficial to your mind, but it can even have a significant impact to your brain, and consequently your entire body as well. This new view that a tool previously considered to be only religious in nature and lack significant backing has drastically changed in recent years. Thus, I would like to further explore how this powerful tool can improve various aspects of a person’s life. For instance, meditation can not only reduce stress, but also increase focus, improve blood circulation, and have a positive effect on bodily functions. I am especially interested in how meditation can be used to increase workplace efficiency while reducing stress and improving mood. More efficient workers means more productivity, more free time, and potentially a higher level of fulfillment for those workers.

10 Silly Ideas

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The Uni-Massager

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The Iron Focus

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The Equalizer!

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Fat Shocker 9000

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The Quick Fix

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[Not Just] Virtual Reality
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