Jieun Kwon (Misa)

I like how into your fun activity that you got! I enjoyed seeing your perspective through images and the video. I also liked how you talked about shower and sleep as important features of our lives although we pay little conscious attention to these as individuals and as a society. It would be interesting to explore these further indeed.

I wish that you applied the same principle of relating your illness in your silly ideas to another field related to wellness. I feel like you showed how many ideas could really be drawn from one inspiration or area and that you could have done the same for a different area as well (i.e. 5 drawn from sickness/hygiene, 5 from another area).

What if you had elaborated on why the silly ideas were useful ones. Although it is pretty obvious which problems most of them would solve, it still would have helped to state the problems — especially for those who may not have experienced these problems or do not see them as problems.

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